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Grandparents Day – Influencer Campaign


Friends an adult diaper brand planned a unique campaign using influencers around Grandparents Day which was on September 9th 2018. The brand looked at collaborating with influencers for a campaign on Grandparents Day which is in sync with the products offer by the brand. They used influencers to create content around the concept of ‘Grandparents being our first best friends’ and promoted the brand with a subtle integration. The campaign concept revolved around considering your grandparent as BFF’s and create unique content featuring them in the content as well. Greenroom identified influencers are comfortable posting content with their grandparents and also have a good reach on social media. Eight influencers from across India were part of the campaign in creating engaging and unique content with their grandparents. These influencers then shared interesting stories about their relationships with grandparents and asked followers to share their unique stories as well. Every influencer tagged the Friends Instagram handle as part of their posts. The campaign primarily targeted only Instagram as the platform for promotions.





The brand Friends though they cater a very niche audience, the plan to execute a campaign on Grandparents Day paid off with the campaign reaching about 250K people only on Instagram. Their approach to promote the content around the #BFFie and #GrandparentsDay hashtag fetched them a hashtag reach of more than 700K. The idea to focus more on grandparents-grand kids relationship with subtle brand integration lead to greater engagement and unique content as part of the campaign.

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