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Get the best out of your marketing investment

Why does Influencer marketing work so well?

Customers appreciate when people talk to them and not companies or brand. Customers may not trust brands as much as they trust their peers. False promises by some brands have hit the consumers so hard that the reviews of peers are taken more seriously. The new law has made giants like Facebook and Google impose corrections to the content published on their social media platform. In the era of fake news, the audience tends to trust a brand with a face than one without.

Influencer marketing helps brands bridge the gap between boosting brand image and gaining customer loyalty. Whether the idea is to spread a social cause, boost the brand image, increase sales or even get customers to notice your brand and products, influencer marketing has the answer.

How can brands make the most of the investment made in influencer marketing?

Create long-term partnerships with your influencers

Influencer marketing often works on smaller, short-duration campaigns. But the brand’s relationship with the influencers doesn’t have to end there. With great campaigns come greater collaborations. This would also help in reducing the budget to select influencers in the next campaign.

If the influencer has successfully executed your brand’s campaign, it means the one has grasped the brand’s gist. With lines of communication open with your set of regular influencers, the next campaign will be easier to execute and you don’t have to start establishing trust all over from scratch. Create relationships with influencers, don’t just approach them for campaigns and sales.

Skip the big names and celebrities

You don’t need a Khan to pitch your product. While influencers with big audiences make huge temporary impressions, those impressions are not meant for lasting. How many of you have bought a product just because a big star is in the ad? Do you believe that they use these day-to-day products?

The past few years have strongly proven the power of micro-influencers. Not only do these micro and macro influencers cost less, but no big celebrity can match their audience engagement — and perfect to entice the audience with authenticity.

Social Media – Do not limit yourself

According to Greenroom’s 2018 Influencer Marketing Report, Instagram is the most popular channel for brands offering excellent value. However, brands shouldn’t look past the other channels.

Look at Facebook to target an older audience. Explore TikTok and other new channels for the younger audience and for campaigns with lighter tones. Research and data can even help with Linkedin and Twitter campaigns. A quick tip: Some of the influencers can offer work on a campaign on Facebook or Twitter with a lesser budget than Instagram.

Design your metrics

Content and influencer marketing has not always relied on quantitative data for making data-driven decisions. Establishing metrics is an important part before you run your campaign.

Establish your metrics based on your brand’s business and campaign goals. Establish and measure metrics that reflect your vision, not someone else’s. While sticking to standard metrics is advisable, also create metrics that are solely customized around your brand’s business goals.

Fair compensation

This pointer may not appear in a lot of successful campaign tips. And the brands are making a grave error not following this. While influencer marketing is all about getting the word out there without burning a hole in the brand’s pocket, brands should also realize happy influencers work the best. Compare an influencer to an employee. Would an underpaid employee with no benefits give the best to your organization? Do you trust to build a long-term relationship with someone and expect them to work for free?

The partnership has to be mutually beneficial. While free products work in some scenarios, don’t expect all the influencers to give their best work when you don’t pay them but send in only freebies.

If your brand is not sure about how much the influencers should be paid, you can always approach an agency like GreenroomNow who will give a transparent rate and help communicate and negotiate better.

Loosen the reigns on the influencer’s creativity

This also shows how much you trust the influencers with the content. Remember that these influencers have a great audience for a valid reason. They have built a page and reputation right from scratch with good content and creating loyal followers. Who better than the influencers themselves than to convince an influencer’s followers to love your brand?

While many marketing professionals may have an issue with a completely different voice representing their brand, it is important to remember that this reason is essentially why influencer marketing works so well. Ask for the creative influencer’s input, and loosen up and give away some part of the control

Elongate the effect 

Work the content that is posted on the influencer’s page on multiple sets of audience. Reshare to promote your brand’s content on the influencer’s page on your channels. Simple steps like thanking the influencer with a tag, commenting on the post with a compliment can work wonders.

One key advice is to know when you are spamming. Jio is a prime example where they got a bunch of celebrities to tweet the same message on Twitter during the brand release. The result was immense trolling by Twitteratis. Know your audience. Do not post a beauty product on LinkedIn just because the budget worked out better in that platform than Instagram. Look beyond traditional social media channels to reach smaller (but potentially more engaged) audiences on other sites. Dig in the perfect opportunity to start a presence in every channel. 


Participating in influencer marketing is no longer enough. and most brands plan to spend even more in the future. Use these tips to go beyond the basics and earn the attention, respect, and business of your target audience. If you have more tips, do let us know below in comments, or visit our websiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram pages to reach out to us.

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