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Fortune Oil Brand Integration with Health and Wellness Bloggers


Fortune Oil looked at promoting their Rice Bran Oil as they wanted to position it as a healthy oil for regular cooking. Fortune Oil collaborated with Greenroom to identify a mix of Health and Wellness digital publications for brand integration activities. Health and Wellness publications were picked to write articles about the use of Rice Bran Oil with a subtle brand integration of Fortune as part of the the article. With the help of descriptive blogs Fortune looked at promoting Health and Wellness aspects of using Rice Bran Oil and build to why Fortune Rice Bran Oil is an ideal choice.


Influencers/Publications: Curejoy, FitnessVsWeightLoss and Zigverve




The choice of Health and Wellness bloggers helped in covering different views of using Rice Bran Oil in day to day activities. With a subtle brand integration of Fortune Oil part of their descriptive blog posts led to better visibility for the brand on social media. In addition to it, the use of back-links which led audience to the Fortune Oil landing page is a method to track the number of interested audience visiting the brand site.

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