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Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Marketing Strategy

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day is up and running, and its marketing strategy is so great that it is hard to miss! Be it through Spotify ads or display ads on websites or front-page ads in newspapers across the country, Flipkart’s marketing strategy to increase reach has been successful. Celebrity tie-ups, influencer marketing and effective media planning are some of the things that Flipkart has done right this year.

Here’s a look at what we, as marketers, can learn from Flipkart.

Marketing in current times

The pandemic has left everyone struggling to adapt to the new normal. Any gathering of more than 20 people is risky and is best avoided. When social media marketing has taken precedence, how can brands still shoot and leverage the reach of TVCs?

Flipkart has found a way to shoot despite this constraint. Their innovative idea revolves around a single celebrity playing a double role. Hence, we saw Amitabh Bachchan double up as a father and a son; Deepika Padukone portray two friends discussing shopping plans; Virat Kohli play two brothers bantering. The videos are humorous and to-the-point, making the entire communication memorable.

Regional Reach

Mahesh Babu is a Super Star in the Telugu film industry with fans across the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and across age groups. Likewise, Sudeep has a strong follower base in Karnataka. Taken together, these two actors have incredible reach. Flipkart made sure that by collaborating with Mahesh Babu and Sudeep, regional markets are not left untapped.


Flipkart has tied up with key brands in different categories ranging from fashion to male grooming, in order to draw specific attention to certain brands. We see Virat Kohli promoting Wrogn footwear, while Kirti Sanon endorses Ms Taken Fashion.

Further, international cricketer David Warner, speaks about power, speed and performance that are required for cricket, and how Real Me offers the same through its Narzo phone series.

Choosing David Warner was also a strategic call by Flipkart. During the lockdown, David Warner was busy grooving to popular Indian songs with his wife and children, some of which went viral on the internet.


One of the surest ways to engage with consumers is through contests. Contests come with additional perks for consumers during sale periods. Flipkart’s Big Billion Loot Contest is very simple – shoppers merely have to DM their order to Flipkart on Instagram and stand a chance to win double their shopping value. The creatives announcing winners features a celebrity like Amitabh Bachchan or Sudeep.

These creative and interactive posts on social media are sure to linger on in a user’s mind for a long time. What are your observations on Flipkart’s marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments!

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