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Epson Back To School Campaign


Epson had launched its ‘Back To School’ campaign for their Epson InkTank printer during July 2017. As part of the promotional campaign Epson collaborated with a set of influencers who are parents to create content for the launch of their all new InkTank series of printer. The set of influencers received the latest printer from Epson to create content using the InkTank printer. The primary objective of the campaign was to highlight the ease of using the Epson InkTank printer for kids, who work on multiple school projects. The campaign resulted in great traction as it was positioned during the re-opening of schools across India.

In this campaign Epson looked at continuing the #BackToSchool campaign by working with Shruti Acharya a parenting influencer, to share her experience of using the Epson InkTank printer for over a year now. Shruti a parenting influencer who mostly creates content on the lines of Arts and Crafts for kids. As part of this campaign Shruti created a video of how her kid using the Epson InkTank printer for her projects and highlighting the ease of using the printer.


Influencers – Shruti Acharya




The first phase of ‘BackToSchool’ campaign worked really well for Epson as their overall campaign reach was about 3 Million. Epson collaborated with Shruti Bhat for their second phase of the ‘BackToSchool’ campaign. The type of content from Shruti also helped Epson with good traction for the campaign as it involved a video post and a set of image posts featuring the Epson InkTank printer. This approach really paid off for Epson as they positioned the campaign during the school re-opening time. In terms of performance of the campaign, the hashtag ‘#BackToSchoolWithEpson’ had a hashtag reach of around 1 Million. 

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