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Brand talk with Nisha Ganesh

This week, we at Greenroom had a brand talk with the Indian TV star Nisha Ganesh and about everything online. The actress has been a part of the media industry for over 13 years now. Starting with anchor gigs, she is now known for her breakthrough performance as Draupadi in Mahabharath and some incredible supporting roles in movies.

An early start

Nisha started working when she was as young as 16. Her exposure to social media isn’t recent, she says. As part of running so many shows and involved in many films, she has always been aware of the power that social media has with the audience. “Over so many years, we have been resorting to social media for keeping our audience updated.”

What does the audience expect?

What I feel is that being genuine and authentic is a critical part of communicating with my audience. As long as my content directly or indirectly helps others, with a note of personal touch, I can always connect to my audience. My social media content is mostly focussed on what they would want and expect out of me.

They are curious about what I am doing – they need a sense of reliability. They are inquisitive about the products we use and try them out for themselves. While I make my content as relatable as possible, social media has been a great link for a personal connection with my audience.

Working with brands

Before collaborating with brands, I tend to ask myself one question – Am I currently using the product? If not, I ensure that I read up about it, do my research and buy the product to try it out. I have rejected working with a lot of brands because it doesn’t align with what I believe in, or I would have tried the product before and it didn’t fit me.

A post shared by Nisha Ganesh (@prettysunshine28) on Mar 4, 2019 at 9:18pm PST

I do suggest that brands make campaigns interesting. Coupons and giveaways always work. If the followers feel that their benefit from my post is high with simple returns, then the engagement and response are high too.

Updating my current skills

I believe in creating fresh content for my audience. I do read a lot and keep myself updated by following people with different perspectives. I enjoy a lot of writers’ Instagram accounts as well. I diversify my thoughts by following influencers from different categories, so my thinking doesn’t get shut in a box either. It is important to learn different skills from people in various industries.

For eg, I get a great global perspective from my non-Indian friends as well. Knowing what they expect out of content and brands has helped me apply that locally. My mindset has also been broadened to cater to an audience in a global level.

The onset of corona

I think it the best time for brand marketing and perfect for OTT. With us staying back at home, everyone is trying to learn new things, challenge themselves and looking for more content online. This time has made the digital world’s tasks even more challenging. For example, the Bru Dalgona campaign was a relevant one in recent times. I have personally tried making the Dalgona coffee and my audience loved it. It was one of those campaigns that got a great response and good engagement. Younger minds are coming up with a plethora of ideas nowadays that we would have never considered possible.

A post shared by Nisha Ganesh (@prettysunshine28) on Apr 7, 2020 at 3:45am PDT

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