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Brand Awareness and Sales Conversion focused Influencer Campaign for Desire Desire


Desire Desire is a designed based e-commerce platform which primarily focuses on anti-ordinary and uniquely designed products. They have a three different categories of products Phone Cases, Smart Sound and Smart Gadgets. Desire Desire collaborated with Greenroom for influencers who can talk about the different categories of products. The influencers were chosen to communicate the design, aesthetic value and uniqueness of the products on the platform. The campaign objective was to create brand awareness about Desire Desire across social media and to direct audience to the Desire Desire platform. Influencers were chosen from across categories such as Fashion, Lifestyle, Parenting, Tech, Travel and Music. Instagram was the primary platform for communication as the campaign involved creating more visually appealing content which would give an idea for the audience about the varied products offered by Desire Desire.





The choice of Instagram as primary platform helped the brand in communicating the design based products. Influencers created unique content and promoted the product links on their bio which also led to a large number of audience to the landing page. The campaign led to 25% of sales conversion with the help of influencers in this campaign.

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