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Basic mistakes to avoid while running Facebook ad campaigns

Are you finding it difficult to get the desired ROI out of your social media campaigns? There are two good things about it. First – you are not alone. Thousands of marketers are facing the same issue all across the globe. Second – often, getting over a few elementary errors can help you get better a lot. In this post, we will be discussing on how you can avoid some of the basic mistakes while running Facebook ad campaigns.

#1) Going wrong with targeting

Getting your target audience spot on often wins you the battle even before it begins. Facebook helps you out with its analytics in figuring out the right kind of audience for you. While setting up the right audience segment, keep a note of the following –

  1. Be on top of things by doing a regular audience study in terms of their age, gender, education, location, personal interests, etc.

  2. Put Facebook’s audience insights tool to good use to get a better picture.

  3. Get your segmentation down to smaller sets based on interests.

#2) Not using custom audience segments properly

Customized audience segmentation helps you in getting the right kind of ads to the right set of people at the right stage of their customer lifecycle. Facebook’s remarketing enables you to advertise to the people who have already purchased from your site or have visited certain particular pages. This way, you can deliver more customized messages to your different audience groups and help them interact with your business in a more effective way. Proper audience segmentation is the basis of it all.

#3) Neglecting videos for ads

Facebook’s engagement growth is recent years can majorly be owed to the way how users have fallen in love with video content. If you have not yet inculcated video in your marketing strategy, it’s high time you do so.

Videos can deliver messages in a more effective as compared to texts or images. Facebook, in particular, has become a lot video friendly a platform. Using videos in your ads gives you a higher possibility to get more engagement. In addition, video ads provide you with a few more options to segment your audience. For example, you can group your audience based on how they have previously interacted with your videos.

#4) Missing out on storytelling

If you are eyeing at a better conversion rate, you should, in no circumstances, miss out on running sequential ads for your campaign. Sequential advertising is a way you take your prospective leads to a purchase-ready level through a craftily weaved narrative. Considering the three stages of awareness-interest-conversion, your ads should be sequenced in the proper manner to drive more ROI.

For example, suppose you deliver AdSet-1 to TA-1 with a message to briefly introduce your brand and your product. In the next stage, you should deliver AdSet-2 to TA-1 with a message that addresses the particular problems that come across their way and how your product solves them. Finally, deliver TA-1 with AdSet-3 that promotes your product explicitly and drives them towards conversion.

These are just some of the fundamentals you may want to keep in mind the next time you are running a Facebook campaign. Keep following us for more such tips and updates.


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