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5 Upcoming Stand-Up Comedians to Watch For

Comedy in India has grown up to become one of the major sources of entertainment. Today one can find different stand-up comedians who have their own gigs and channels on the social platforms. They also do live shows and have gotten much attention in the past decade as compared to old times. We wanted to share with you some of the new upcoming names who have tickled our funny bones.

Vipul Goyal

His Kashmir stand-up act got so much attention that even Pakistan felt bad about POK. He is your average desi guy who has got deadpan and sometimes sarcastic mannerisms which make you hurt your cheek bones. His acts contain some observations from daily life that leave you in splits. He completed a web series about the life of comedians called ‘Humourously Yours’. It shows the daily life struggles of how a comedian gets by and tries to come up with new jokes.

Abhijit Ganguly

Known for his Bengali background and now his Gujarati foreground. After finding out that he needs to talk about the ever downsides of life, he took to the stage and made a name for himself with contemporary issues and some other popular issues like marriage, alcoholism, racism etc. He also has a flair of doing raunchy comedy without making it vulgar. He also is a good sport and can take negative criticism and turn it into a stand-up act.

Angad Singh Sanyal

Although we all know Sardars are the funniest topics of the joke industry like blondes have been in the western society. But this Sardar makes you feel that he is intelligent with his acts. You find his enactments repetitive but charming and his dialogues are well combined with his movements. It gives it much more liveliness that we see in a Punjabi. His observation of the minute details of daily life keeps you in splits as his face makes you laugh because as Indians we instinctively know Sardars are funny, which gives him an edge over the others.

Zakir Khan

A typical desi guy who has a face that everyone forgets even after looking at him many times because he himself accepts that he is that ugly. But then when he speaks about all the stuff that has happened to him and how he feels about it, you just can’t stop laughing because that’s how good his grip is on the human behavior. Sometimes he tells you the emotional side as well while being funny and you know that he is a good guy in his heart although a bit ugly. We surely feel he has the upper edge due to this as he gets our sympathy vote.

Varun Thakur

An actor by heart who does a boisterous and loud takes on all things from living abroad to language accents to condomas to maa Ka pyaar. His acts have a flavor of loudness combined with acute observations of simple things, things that we fail to notice. And then sometimes he shoots the bull’s eye with a joke that you didn’t see coming. Always one to laugh while doing stand up because he himself enjoys the acts. These keep you entertained as we almost wish that he keeps failing as an actor to make it big as a comedian.

Well, we hope our list of comics, makes you go out and search for them and have a laugh with them. Sometimes that new joke can light up your day and keep you going deep into the sea of stress sharks with a smile. Happy laughing ahead.

Written by: Apoorv Bansal

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