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5 tips on how to use Instagram as a marketing tool


There was a time when Facebook and Twitter were the primary social media that everyone used to flock to for establishing contacts and making friends. Little did we know that these social media also had the power to be used as tools for branding.  But when Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, Instagram started gaining momentum, the earlier notions were broken. In the past few years, Instagram has managed to gain close to 800 million users and the number keeps on increasing by 100 million users every nine months. This also makes Instagram an excellent tool for marketing for brands.

Here are 5 tips on how to use Instagram as a marketing tool to leverage your brand:

Stick to your content

In order to grow and to make the most of Instagram, one must make sure to post content that is relevant and will appeal to the audience.

Deciding on the content and posting regularly immensely helps in increasing your follower count.  The more you interact with your audience, the engagement rate goes high. Constant interaction with your audience will give you opportunities to know about them. This will help you to get better feedback about your product and build genuine followers.

Using adequate marketing tools

It is essential to be sure about the hashtags needed to make the posts noticeable. For that you can use online tools like Photerloo, to detect the kind of hashtags which would fit your content the best. It is a free online platform which allows one to share the posts on all social media handles and also helps to generate suitabel hashtags for your post.  Additionally, one also has to make sure to select the best time for posting content where your posts will get maximum engagement. Tools like Iconosquare help to detect the correct time for the same.

Planning the content

When it comes to social media, content is always the king.

The better and relevant the content, the more engagement and reactions it will get. If you have a theme then stick to it. It is better to have a niche since it helps the content to get recognized easier. Also, posting about your user views and sharing their experinces brings in transparency between the audience and your brand.

Reach out to Instagram influencers

If you as a brand want your content to be more widespread across the internet, then another good way is to reach out to instagram influencers who will post the content which alligns with your interest. Reaching out to them and collaborating with them will help your brand to get noticed by relevant audience.  For this, you can even get in touch with influencer marketing platforms to get connected to the influencers of your choice. According to a study, 74% of people trust social networks to guide them to purchase decisions whereas 49% rely on influencer recommendations. Hence, influencer marketing can also help to boost your sales since it targets the right audience for you.

Target niche audience

As a brand, your focus needs to be on targeting a niche audience. Collaboarting with the right influencers helps you to target the right audience. But as a brand, you can also use  Instagram’s advertising tools to target your audience.


Overall, by following the above five steps you can use Instagram as a marketing tool for your brand. You can at the same time, reach out to correct audience and increase your engagement to enhance your marketing strategy.

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