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5 signs that tell your brand needs influencer marketing

Though influencer marketing is making its way up with unprecedented growth rate, many marketers are still caught up in scepticism. To be, or not to be in the forefront with influencer campaigns is one of the biggest dilemmas today for all such sceptic minds.

The major concern for the apprehensive group of marketers, for many years, has been the lack of cutting edge analysis of influencer campaigns. But in 2017, as noted by Forbes, “brands and marketers cannot afford to stop at engagement and awareness. The sophistication of influencer marketing now means data and measurement solutions are much more robust. There are so many options for putting the muscle of influencers to work for you to solve your biggest challenges.”

A 2015 study by eMarketer suggested that nearly 85% of “marketing and communications professionals worldwide expected to launch at least one campaign involving an influencer in the next 12 months” and “over 80% of marketers who had launched marketing campaigns involving social media influencers found them to be effective for driving both engagement and awareness.”

So, when exactly should a company take to influencer marketing? If you are asking this to yourself, take a note of these 5 symptoms that clearly suggest that it is high time that you turn to influencer campaign:

#1) Stagnation in audience growth A stagnation in audience growth is never desired. Getting influencers to talk about your brand allows you to reach out to reach influencers’ followers who are more targetted and engaged. Influencer campaign may just find you the success mantra for a steady growth of audience count.

#2) Dipping sales figures Dipping sales figure is a worrisome symptom. Getting influencers to talk about your product shall benefit you in multiple ways. Firstly, your sales figures will take a spike, breaking the deadlock. Secondly, you will acquire many new customers and thereby will allow launching loyalty programmes for retaining them.

#3) Engagement primarily comes from paid content Paid engagement is not enough to sustain a brand on social media. But driving engagement through non-paid content is getting difficult every day. This is where influencers chip in as a big boost. A branded post by an influencer automatically create a buzz around the brand and you will suddenly find a large chunk of people are talking about the brand. Your likes, shares and mentions will take a spike.

#4) Not many people are using your discounts and offers E-commerce firms, for a long period of time, concentrated on selling offers and discounts rather than true value to the social media audience. Years later, it is starting to backfire as the redemption rates of discounts are going down drastically. It is proved that influencers play a major role in disseminating your offers and discounts in a more successful manner.

“We connected influencer activity to promotional and coupon redemption rates and sales to prove lift versus historical sales benchmarks; a national rice brand saw a 44.8% redemption rate versus its historical 15% average redemption rate”. – Forbes.

#5) Brand building and audience education efforts are not working out The best part about influencers is that they know exactly how to effectively communicate with the interested audience. As a brand can make wonderful use of this by letting relevant influencers to talk about the brand and educating the audience. Because of the trust factor these influencers enjoy, a mention of your brand is communicated with more authenticity, helping the overall brand image.

Whether you are trying to help your sales figures or strengthen your brand image, influencer marketing is the key you are looking for.

“Influencer marketing has come a long way; brands should know there are many options for leveraging data to measure the return on investment of influencer campaigns.” – Forbes

Are you still in doubt to launch your first influencer campaign? Let Greenroom, India’s leading influencer marketing platform with cutting-edge data analysis, solve it for you.


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