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5 DOs of influencer marketing

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Influencer marketing, as compared to the pre-existing modes of digital marketing, is a new born baby. Thus, it is essential for any marketer to get to know the pulse before you start playing with it. Here, let’s try to discuss the basic DOs and DON’Ts one should keep in mind while running an influencer campaign in two installments. This week, let’s focus on 5 DOs:


#1) DO select the right set of influencers

This is the most tricky part and determines the success (or failure) of the campaign in most cases. Read the detailed study on how to select the right influencer.

#2) DO promote influencers’ posts

Most influencers, if not all, are all about organic posts. Naturally, they are often under pressure to generate traffic to their blogs and social posts. The moment you help them with what they desire, you will make a good mark for yourself. That is definitely going to turn out fruitful for you. Influencer marketing is based on relationships, and this is a great way to start building one.

#3) DO incentivise the influencers a bit more

Sharing posts are cool. But it is always better to have something more tangible. Keep tracking influencers who you feel to be suiting your brand. Send them your products and discounts. They will grow fond of you. Such practices are going to give you more opportunity to succeed.

#4) DO give content development freedom to influencers

Many marketers are very skeptical about letting the influencers develop content on their own for branded campaigns with an apprehension that influencers, not being part of the brand, might get the voice wrong. But what we should rather acknowledge is the fact that though influencers might not know your brand as well as you do, they definitely know the pulse of their followers the best. So the best practice is to provide the influencers with a brief about the brand and the campaign, and letting them develop the content in a way they feel suits their followers the most. Unless of course, you are asked by the influencer to provide content.

#5) DO foster long-term relationships

It is natural that you will get to work with influencers in a particular category on multiple campaigns. Thus, it is only wise to build a long term association with a pool of influencers to ensure that you will be able to run hassle-free campaigns in the future. Influencers prefer to have a long-term association with brands as well. Hence, this keeps both you and the influencers in a win-win situation.

We will be discussing the DON’Ts of Influencer Marketing in our next installment. Stay abreast.


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