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5 DON’Ts for influencer marketing

Do Nots of influencer marketing

Done well, influencer marketing has the potential to fetch you the highest ROI as compared to other digital marketing activities as a whole. But the key here is ‘doing it right’. Last week, we discussed the 5 Dos of influencer marketing. In this installment, let’s try to focus on things we must avoid in order to get good results for our influencer marketing efforts.


#1) DON’T curb influencers’ creative freedom of content

Brands are often unsure about the credibility of influencers in feeling the right pulse of your brand. As a result, brands try to stuff influencers with all kinds of content for the campaign and blocks all possibilities for the influencers to exercise their creative freedom. Such a strategy may often backfire. It is very important to understand that influencers feel the pulse of their followers much better than we do, and that’s what matters. It is best to develop the content for the campaign in a cooperative manner, leaving enough room for the influencers to develop some content on their own.

#2) DON’T choke influencers with follow-ups

It is very natural for you to follow-up with the set of influencers running your campaign. But make sure that you do not spam the influencers with too many follow-ups. That might get irritating at times and put the influencers off. You’d always want to maintain a good rapport with influencers, but too many follow-ups may ruin the cause.

#3) DON’T bank solely on influencers’ posts

Influencers’ branded content is one of the several digital marketing efforts that go hand in hand. It is never wise to let your other marketing efforts take a back seat while an influencer marketing is active. Rather, be active in all related marketing activities simultaneously. On top of that, promote campaign posts of influencers on your social profiles, as well as generate related content of your own.

#4) DON’T forget to set influencer guidelines

Document and agree on all specifics before launching a campaign. Get down to the minutest detail if possible. The channels, kind of posts, tags, negative comments and all other stuff that may concern your campaign. As influencer campaigns are starting to take some shape in India, they are yet not concrete and have several gray areas, Try to address them as much as possible.

#5) DON’T treat influencers as tools

Influencers, unlike the marketing tools that you use, are not automated applications. They are people of flesh and bone and celebrities in their own way too. It is for us to remember that influencer marketing is based on relationships, longer the better. Brands must always try to build strong trust-based relationships with influencers.

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