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5 Cricket Influencers you can’t afford to miss this IPL on social media

It is well known that India is a country where Cricket is followed like a religion. Keeping tabs on everything cricket-related, especially during the IPL season, through news and social media, is typical of many loyal cricket fans. The idea of getting updates on the latest cricket trends and a glimpse of ‘behind-the-play’ from their favourite Cricketers & IPL Influencers is a boon for them. We’re here to help with a list of 5 Cricket Influencers you can’t afford to miss this IPL on social media

Social media tools such as Twitter and Instagram act as a Messiah for the Indian cricket fan clubs, offering a peek into the much speculated private lives of the cricket stars. It goes without saying that Indian Cricketers & Cricket Influencers enjoy a wide fan following that isn’t restricted to just our country. Keeping the interest of the fans high also works in favour of Indian Cricket and everyone involved in the game. Social media tools thus become beneficial to both, the Stars and their fans, to keep the buzz alive.

The trend of these Cricket Influencers indulging in real-time interactions with their fans through various social media tools has become extremely popular, with everyone having an opinion about the game and its play. With the IPL season just round the corner, various Twitter accounts will soon be abuzz with such interactions, with conversations ranging from in-depth analysis of each match to the lineups of the upcoming matches.

To stay in the midst of all the fun, take a look at these 5 Cricket Influencers you can’t afford to miss this IPL on social media

Harsha Bhogle

Twitter handle – @bhogleharsha

One of the most popular personalities of Indian Cricket, Harsha Bhogle is a name that very few might not know. With a fan base of over 7.5M, it is not a surprise that Bhogle is extremely popular on social media and is considered one of the best Cricket Influencers on Twitter. Considered the Voice of Cricket by various publications, Harsha hosted shows like ‘Harsha Unplugged’ and ‘Harsha On-line’ and went ahead to win the Best Sports Show award for it. Having been in the cricket industry as a commentator from the age of 19, he brings over 30 years’ worth of knowledge to the field of cricket. Currently running a sports-based consultancy called Prosearch, it isn’t a surprise that Harsha’s Twitter account is buzzing during as well as after the IPL season. Add to that his unusual style of communicating with wit & humour, Bhogle makes it easy for us to understand and love cricket.

Follow @bhogleharsha on social media for a fresher perspective to the cricket matches this IPL season.

VVS Laxman

Twitter handle – @VVSLaxman281

Known as the mentor for Sunrisers Hyderabad, VVS Laxman’s Twitter boasts of a 5.2M fan following. Quick with his comebacks on the field as well as on social media, Laxman is a former Indian cricketer and currently a batting consultant & cricket commentator. Recognized as one of the greatest batsmen India ever had, VVS has been active on social media as a Cricket Influencer, sharing rarely shared technical insights and memories of his cricketing days with his fans. With cricket trending currently on various social media tools, it is entertaining to see him follow a different path with his striking tweets, reminding us of his strikes in the 1990s. From following various NGOs and contributing his share to social service to supporting the Women’s Cricket League, VVS is an IPL Influencer who shows various sides of his personality to his fans on Twitter.

Follow @VVSLaxman281 for sharp and bold match insights this IPL season.

Aakash Chopra

Twitter handle – @cricketaakash

With a following of over 2.58M on Twitter, this Mumbai based former Indian cricketer is a Cricket Influencer you can’t miss out on this IPL season. Having played for Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL’s initial years, Chopra brings valuable insider knowledge to his reviews. During the matches, his Twitter account is always buzzing with live cricket commentary and in-depth analysis of every strategy & play. Also worth mentioning are his Twitter conversations with his fans, who love sharing their cricket insights, joys and sorrows with Aakash, making him quite popular on social media. A regular face in the commentary box during Indian matches, Aakash is known for offering an opinion from an insider’s perspective on the game and is considered as one of the finest cricketers turned writers India has had.

Follow @cricketaakash for smart analytical opinions during and after every IPL game.

Gaurav Kapur

Twitter handle – @gauravkapur

You might know him as the good-looking host of the IPL series. But did you know he is just as popular on social media? Already a popular face in the Bollywood and VJ world, Gaurav Kapur shot to fame in 2011 as the charming presenter on the IPL pre-match show ‘Extraaa Innings T20’. Having amassed fan base of over 1.36M on Twitter that loves not only his humor infused commentary but also the variety of sports content offered, Kapur is a winner in the cricket world. It is well known that he loves sports, be it Cricket, Football or Badminton and is always seen supporting Indian talent on every public platform. You will see him next on television, hosting the IPL 2018.

Follow @gauravkapur for his humorous yet smart take on the IPL series.

Ayaz Memon

Twitter handle – @cricketwallah

One of the eminent sports writers and journalists India ever had, Ayaz Memon is an IPL Influencer every ardent Cricket fan must follow. Having over 607k followers on Twitter, Ayaz also actively supports various other sports & sports personalities and is a huge animal lover. Having covered over 300 Test matches, 400 International matches, 9 Cricket World Cups and the 2006 Football World Cup, Memon’s experience and expertise is seen in the way he analyses and explains every strategy and every move played. His tweets about the game during the IPL season is something you shouldn’t miss out on this year.

Follow @cricketwallah for opinionated but relevant content this IPL season.

With the IPL beginning from 7th April, keeping tabs on various cricket influencers on social media for latest updates, brand collaborations, and exciting giveaways will definitely make this IPL season more interesting. Social media & Influencer marketing is playing a prominent role in creating buzz for IPL 2018 and keeping a close eye on various IPL Influencers is going to be beneficial for every cricket fan out there.

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