Skinn Amalfi Bleu

Skinn Amalfi Bleu

Titan’s premium perfume chain Skinn Amalfi Bleu invited their Master Perfumer for a grand event at Mumbai. The event highlighted the promotion of the Amalfi Bleu perfume by its own Master perfumer who was invited to grace the event. Greenroom identified top influencers from Mumbai to do an event coverage and share their content on social media. Male and Female influencers attended the event and shared their experience of the entire event through their Instagram handles. The campaign was centered around the promotion of the Amalfi Bleu perfume with the #NewColorOfClass and #RendezvousWithAmalfi hashtag. The influencers primarily created content for the Amalfi Bleu collection in their respective styles. Predominantly photography, fashion and lifestyle category influencers were part of this campaign collaboration.

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