Kingfisher’s Prank League reached out to millions during IPL season

Kingfisher launched their #KFPrankLeague campaign in 2018 in the month of May. The campaign was aimed at promoting the brand image by highlighting ‘Divided by Teams, United by Good Times’. Kingfisher collaborated with top Youtubers to create prank videos during the IPL season.


YouTubers like MostlySane (Prajakta Koli), Be YouNick, Aashqeen were taken on board for this campaign. They are comedy content creators on YouTube which made them a perfect fit for this campaign.

IPL is a huge celebration in India. Every year for two months during the season, it is the most talked about topic in the country. Kingfisher took this opportunity by collaborating with YouTubers for creating brand sketch videos. Humourous content is often engaging and appeals to a large number of people. These videos involved pranks around IPL and how it ended watching the IPL match by making peace with each other over Kingfisher.


These sketch videos involved IPL as their backdrop for the pranks that are part of the video. The combination of pranks and the craze around IPL was the key factor in these sketch videos to be relatable and connect with the audience. Comedy sketch videos are among one of the most shared and viewed videos on Youtube. Kingfisher used this IPL season to their advantage and planned the Indian Pranks League sketch videos.


The campaign was a tremendous success as the campaign reach was 5.4 Million, Be YouNick being the top influencer reaching 1.6 Million people. YouTube was the main social media platform, the video was amplified on other social media platforms of the YouTubers as well.




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