A Campaign during IPL Season is a smart way of Influencer Marketing

Airtel decided a short and impactful promotion in 2018 in the month of May during the IPL season. Airtel aimed at engaging the audience by involving Twitter influencers to click a picture of the ‘Airtel Merchandise’ placed in the stadium.

Greenroom, India’s leading influencer marketing platform collaborated with Airtel to execute the social media campaign through all stages. The first task was to correctly identify the influencers who reflect the aim of the campaign. The most suitable choice for this campaign were humour/comedy influencers on Twitter. Some of the top influencers for this campaign were Trendulkar, Gabbbar Singh, Apurv Gupta, Nivedith, Advanced Maushi, Madan Chikna and Being Humor. Keeping in mind the sentiment quotient of the campaign, team Greenroom used social media analytics to sort out influencers in humour/comedy genre on Twitter.


Airtel campaign was designed in such a way that Twitter-based influencers were taken on board in promoting the Airtel LIVE feature during an IPL match. An Airtel T-Shirt was placed in one of the seats in the stadium during an IPL match. The T-shirt read ‘Couldn’t be here? Watch this match on Airtel 4G’. Influencers shared this image from the match on their Twitter handles. This Airtel campaign for IPL using Twitter influencers worked well for Airtel in terms of both online responses and offline responses. As people from the stadium started sharing the image post of the T-shirt placed at the stadium. The campaign received great organic reach which added on the influencer activity promotions for Airtel 4G.

The combination of offline + social media and how Airtel talked about simple and relatable situations which could cause people to miss the match. Using this opportunity to make people switch to Airtel LIVE to stream IPL matches using Airtel 4G. The campaign was a success as it reached 6 lac people and got more than 750 shares on Twitter.

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