2021 Campaigns for Kwality Wall’s

KW Cadbury Crackle

Kwality Wall’s released the new Cadbury Crackle Ice Cream, a creamy and crunchy dessert that required an appetising campaign. The campaign we created included several influencers like Saru Mukherjee Sharma and Nisha Ganesh who wanted a change in the same old tradition of celebrating with a cake. The new way of celebrating with Kwality Wall’s appealed to all the chocolate lovers in this campaign.


Campaign Impact:

Total Achieved Views: 6,845,347

Total Story Views: 266,423

Total Post Views: 5,307,169

Total Story Impressions: 271,349

Total Engagement: 52,152



KW Trixy

Trixy is the new ice cream launched by Kwality Wall’s which consists of three different layers in one cup. We worked with influencers and food bloggers like Karan Dua and Nisha Jayaraj to create a campaign that accentuates how deep flavours the layers go in the cup. These influencers reviewed the new product on their pages, describing each layer and how they add to the experience of consuming it.


Campaign Impact:

Total Achieved Views: 1,387,594

Total Story Views: 89,770

Total Story Impressions: 89,397